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SULLIVAN NYCONNECTS is a bridge between consumers and long term care services that utilizes a single Point of Entry.  A single Point of Entry makes things simpler for people who are learning about long term care services and who need to make decisions.  At this single Point of Entry consumers and their caregivers will receive:

  • Comprehensive and unbiased information and assistance regarding long term care options
  • Screening of general social, medical and financial needs

What is Long Term Care?

Long term care services may include the medical, social, housekeeping, or rehabilitation services a person needs over an extended period of time in order to improve or maintain health or daily function.  These services can be provided at sites in the community where a person lives, in a person's own home, in a residential setting, or in a nursing home. Examples are:

  • A 70-year old patient is discharged from the hospital and does not need skilled nursing care at home.  Home care workers provide 12 hours per week helping with shopping, meal preparation, and housekeeping.
  • A Down Syndrome eighteen-month old receives home visits from a physical therapist, a speech pathologist, and a special instructor.
  • An 87-year old man with Alzheimer"s can no longer live safely at home with his wife.  He is living at a nursing home where his wife visits regularly.  He attends social activities and receives 24-hour care and supervision necessary because of advancing Alzheimer's.
  • A middle aged man has suffered a stroke and lives at home where he receives skilled nursing, physical therapy, and meals on wheels.  He also has a personal care aide and the Personal Emergency Response System.

Who Receives Information and Assistance from SULLIVAN NYCONNECTS?

SULLIVAN NYCONNECTS provides information and assistance, regardless of a person"s resources or how a person will pay for services, to the following persons (and their caregivers) needing long term care services:

  • Adults with physical disabilities
  • Children with physical disabilities
  • The elderly

Where is the Point of Entry in Sullivan County?

There are many ways to reach the Point of Entry for long term care services.

  • It’s just a phone call away at (845) 807-0257 or (800) 342-9871.
  • Visit the single Point of Entry at SULLIVAN NYCONNECTS at the Office for the Aging in the Government Center .
  • Write to: SULLIVAN NYCONNECTS, Office for the Aging, 100 North Street , P.O. Box 5012 , Monticello , NY  12701.
  • On the Internet, a Resource Directory provides quick and easy access to information about all the many long term services and supports available throughout New York State, including Sullivan County. Click here for the Resource Directory

What is the Long Term Care Council?

The advisory board for SULLIVAN NYCONNECTS is called the Long Term Care Council. The Council conducts long term care system planning and development.  Membership on the Council represents:

  • The diversity of the consumer populations served (African-American, Hispanic/Latino, low income, elderly, adult with physical disability, parent of a child with physical disability).
  • Advocacy groups Providers of long term care services (licensed home care agencies, hospice, adult day health care, nursing homes, adult homes, hospital)

In June 2009, the Long Term Care Council completed a Gap Analysis of Long Term Care Services.  This report reflects the initial findings of the Council’s ongoing work in identifying and analyzing community needs in the long term care service delivery system in Sullivan County. Click here for the Gap Analysis of Long Term Care Service, June 2009.

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