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A Message from the Fire Coordinator


Firefighters battling a fire

A Message from the Fire Coordinator

Welcome to February, with the busy month of January behind us I would like to share some information with you.

With the ground hog not seeing his shadow we have six more weeks until spring. Please continue watching the weather as temperatures are up and down. Even though we are still getting cold temperatures and snow  we need to continue  watching  the rivers and streams for potential  ice jams, rising water and thin ice.

Fire reporting is going well, thank you, I did send an email about who owes fire reports, if you are having trouble with the reports please contact BC-3 Jack Halchak and he will assist you. BC-3 will also assist you with updating your Fire Department ID’s and TIM’s records.

Training courses are all going well with good attendance, by now you should have seen that the winter courses are advertised. The spring courses are being worked on now and will be announced soon.

Active Shooter Task Force is a concept that needs to be considered by all Emergency Services. Fire, EMS and Law Enforcement agencies need to work together if an incident should arise. There will two (2) courses given at the Emergency Services Training Center in regards to this topic. Please see the Bureau of Fire Web site for more information and registration.

Thank you, Be Safe
John Hauschild 53-1
Fire Coordinator