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Are You Being Discriminated Against?

It is unlawful to discriminate against individuals in the following areas:


Discrimination in the workplace is against the law. If you believe that you did not get a job, or were unfairly terminated or treated differently because of your group identity you may file a complaint.

Sale, Lease, Rental of Housing and Commercial Spaces

It is unlawful for sellers and landlords, brokers, salespersons, mortgage lenders or real estate boards to discriminate in the sale or rental of properties. If you think your rights have been violated because of your group identity you may file a complaint.

Places of Public Accommodation

Discrimination is prohibited in public places such as hotels, eating and drinking establishments, amusement parts, sports and recreational facilities, retail or wholesale businesses dealing with goods and services.


Discrimination is prohibited in connection with lending, withholding, extending, renewing, the fixing of terms and conditions, or denial of credit. If you feel you've been discriminated against, you may file a complaint.

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