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Human Rights Commission Releases Statement

Loch Sheldrake, NY – Ari Mir-Pontier, executive director of the Sullivan County Human Rights Commission, today released the following statement about the recent spate of apparently hate-fueled attacks, including the fatal shootings at a Pittsburgh synagogue over the weekend:

“There is a great sadness in this country because of recent crimes against humanity. Many of us cannot understand why some Americans turn on other Americans who are simply living their normal lives.

We are shocked that a human being can feel so much hate that they need to take the lives of innocent people just because they are different. How can anyone defend such vulgar actions? Who decides which of us is ‘acceptable’?

I ask every parent and caregiver to pay attention to their own remarks said in the presence of their impressionable children. Your words have powerful influence over these young minds, and soon they will grow into adults who should feel compassion and acceptance towards their neighbors.

Hate should not be the legacy we pass onto our children. They deserve to keep their innocence for as long as possible, and it is the responsibility of ALL OF US to assure that our great country continues to be the land of the free, where we can practice our faith - or lack of one.

I wish you peace, and remind you that we are here to help you with any violations of your human rights.”

The Sullivan County Human Rights Commission can be reached at 845-807-0189.