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Public Again Invited to Help Find Ways to Share Services Countywide

Monticello, NY – Building on momentum from the first public session, Sullivan County government, local school districts and municipalities will gather again to begin firming up plans to deliver services more efficiently to the residents of the County. Deputy County Manager John Liddle will return as host, with members of the public invited to begin the process of submitting a County-wide Shared Services Plan to both save taxpayer money and attract matching funds from the State.

“We had a nice turnout for our first session,” Liddle remarked. “There were some very bold ideas for long-term changes and some very practical recommendations for ways to save money right away. We’re listening to the public and working with our partners to bring as much savings to homeowners as we possibly can.”

The next meeting will begin at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, July 24, at the Government Center in Monticello. A variety of local officials have been invited, and Liddle hopes the general public will also make it a point to attend – and participate.

“It’s important to build on the first step and come up with a workable plan. It’s all about making homeownership more affordable Countywide,” Liddle said. “Now is the time to ensure that our improving economic conditions are made sustainable over the long term.”