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Chairman, DA Encourage Countywide Donation Effort

Chairman Rob Doherty and DA Meagan Galligan

Sullivan County Legislature Chairman Robert A. Doherty, left, and District Attorney Meagan Galligan display just a few of the items they donated on May 18 to the Shepherd’s Pantry at the White Lake Reformed Presbyterian Church. More information on the ministry, including how to donate, can be found at

Monticello, NY – With families, food pantries and nonprofits struggling to meet basic needs in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Legislature Chairman Robert Doherty and Acting District Attorney Meagan Galligan are urging the County’s citizens to pitch in where possible and donate food & funds to support local community organizations.

“It’s important to do more than just say, ‘We’re in this together,’” Doherty stated. “Those of us who are able should ‘walk the talk’ and give what we can to our neighbors in need.”

Galligan added, “The people of Sullivan County are our greatest resource. What better way to show each other we care, and show our children the value of community, than by helping out our neighbors in need?”

Over the past few weeks Galligan and Doherty have been donating boxes of groceries to pantries and conducting outreach efforts spanning Monticello to Narrowsburg, White Lake to Barryville. Their most recent contribution occurred at the Shepherd’s Pantry in White Lake, which is based out of the basement of the local Presbyterian Church.

“The situation has become dire in many parts of the County,” said Doherty. “We as a community need to step up and help our neighbors”.

Galligan agreed, “No one in Sullivan County should go hungry. If you find that assistance available from the government is limited in your situation, hang in there and reach out locally for help.”

She noted that local food pantries have reported that the same kind of supply-chain disruptions many have noticed at local grocery stores is affecting their ability to source items for those in need. She added, “If you’re able to donate, please consider sending non-perishable foods or monetary donations to your local pantry. Every little bit helps.”

“Strip away what divides us, and you find we’re all human beings with the same need for shelter, food, safety and compassion,” Doherty said. “Donating food and funds reminds us of that – and helps ease the desperate times some of our neighbors are in at the moment.”

Residents interested in helping can contact the County’s Emergency Assistance Center at 845-807-0925 or their local food pantry. Sullivan County maintains a full list of food pantries at