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Infinite Care Agrees to Reimburse County for Taxes Due on Care Center

Liberty, NY – Sullivan County and its new operating consultant for the Care Center at Sunset Lake, Infinite Care Management, have agreed to a deal to pay $226,000 in school taxes due on the Care Center property for 2021.

“We were in talks with the Town of Liberty about remaining tax-exempt. The Town opted to assess the tax for the first time on that property in nearly a half century,” Legislature Chairman Robert A. Doherty explained. “We discussed this with Infinite Care, and they said they were willing to pay it.”

“Earlier this year, the County and the Sunset Lake Local Development Corporation (LDC), which owns the property, had spent a great deal of time researching and vetting a number of potential operators of the Care Center,” he added. “We found out our partner for the next 20 years is led by people of their word, and they are going to pay the tax. It’s a win-win – County taxpayers won’t be on the hook for this, and the Liberty Central School District will have an unexpected $226,000 more to educate our children.”

In order to avoid penalties and surcharges, the County Legislature agreed on Monday to forward funds to the Sunset Lake LDC, which will pay the full bill by the September 30 deadline. (Legislator Nadia Rajsz abstained from the vote, as she sits on the LDC Board.)

Infinite Care will reimburse the LDC the portion of the taxes for the period Infinite Care has been and will be operating the Care Center (September 20, 2021-June 30, 2022), and the LDC will reimburse the County for the July 1, 2021-September 20, 2021. Going forward, Infinite Care will continue to pay the taxes on the property.

“It’s important to pick good, trustworthy partners, and we have that in Infinite Care,” said Doherty.