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Looking for Local Artists for Government Center

Martha Tully Photo

This picture of a fawn, taken by local photographer Martha Tully, hangs in one of the Government Center’s hallways in Monticello.

Monticello, NY – Curator Gene Iovine of the Sullivan County Homegrown Artists Exhibition Program is looking to add more local artists’ work to the walls and halls of the Government Center in Monticello.

“As the crossroads of the County, the Government Center is a prime spot to display – and appreciate – the talents of County residents,” Iovine said. “We have close to a dozen artists represented in media ranging from photographs to paintings to sculpture, but we have room for more.”

Artists’ bios and contact information are also displayed, so that the public can get in touch with them. (Price tags, however, are not allowed.)

“We will consider all submissions, but we reserve the right to determine which submissions will ultimately be displayed,” noted Iovine.

To submit your work, send JPGs to or, along with your name, address, title(s) of each piece, and your email contact info. Inquiries are welcome at those addresses as well, or via text to Iovine at 516-652-8376.