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Peace, Doves and Music: Celebrating Woodstock's 50th With 'Dove Trail'

The fiberglass doves of our "Dove Trail"

Sullivan County, NY – Sullivan County and the Sullivan Catskills Visitors Association (SCVA) today revealed the three dozen fiberglass doves that will find their perches across the County in the months ahead.

About 5 feet tall and 7 feet long, each dove is mounted on a metal pole ready to be installed at highly visible locations in virtually every community in Sullivan County. The goal? To celebrate the 50th anniversary year of the Woodstock Music and Art Festival beyond just its hometown of Bethel.

“To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the 1969 Woodstock festival, we are presenting the 36 doves to our communities throughout the Sullivan Catskills. Each dove will be painted by local artists showcasing the character and history of each community. The trail will entice visitors and local residents to explore the Sullivan Catskills and learn the stories that makes us a distinctive designation to visit and live,” stated Roberta Byron-Lockwood, President/CEO of the Sullivan Catskills Visitors Association. “It will be also be an economic engine that will stimulate tourism spending in our local towns, villages and hamlets.”

“These doves are meant to last far beyond 2019, to definitively mark Sullivan County not just as the home of Woodstock, but of peaceful surroundings, of a passion for nature, of a love of music,” noted Sullivan County Legislature Chairman Luis Alvarez. “They will be a visible reminder of our legacy, our hopes, our dreams and our future.”

In support of this effort, Sullivan Renaissance has announced a special grant program to aid communities in bringing life and color to their doves. These grants may be used for expenses related to landscaping and artist fees. 

“Sullivan Renaissance is very happy to be part of the Dove Trail Project. We appreciate that this project will not only connect our towns and villages through a public art trail, it will unite Sullivan County communities while commemorating an important time in our history,” said Denise Frangipane, Executive Director for Sullivan Renaissance.

Design guidelines for the painting of the doves – emphasizing the colors and themes of the 1960s – have been developed by the SCVA, and a Dove Trail Planning Committee will begin reviewing proposals in January. For more information, contact the SCVA at 845-747-4449 or email