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Sullivan, Thompson Obtain Grant to Digitize Paper Records

Town of Thompson file cabinets

The contents of these Thompson Town Hall file cabinets will be digitized thanks to the grant awarded to the County and Town.

Monticello, NY – Sullivan County is getting a Shared Services grant of $132,575 to take a giant step toward going paperless in the County Clerk’s Office and the Town of Thompson’s Planning, Building & Zoning Department.

“The County Clerk’s Office, with the invaluable help of our Grants Administrator Arthur Hussey, the ingenuity of our Information Technology Services Division and the cooperation of the Town of Thompson, is in line to receive a grant to cover the full cost of establishing an Electronic Content Management system,” County Clerk Russell Reeves explained. “This will include a large-format scanner that can turn paper files into digital ones that will be accessible to our respective offices and the public.”

The project is a collaborative and sustainable effort by both parties to enhance the efficiency and timeliness of accessing Town planning, building, zoning and County deed records; and develop an electronic image of the records, which in turn will free up internal physical office space within the Town and County offices. The County Clerk’s Office will administer the program, while ITS staff will ensure it works as intended.

“This is what sharing services is all about – cutting costs for everyone, thus saving taxpayers’ money. I’d like to thank Deputy Administrator Patrice Chester and Building, Planning & Zoning Director Jim Carnell for their diligence in securing these funds,” Thompson Supervisor William Rieber Jr. noted. “Even after the grant funding is finished, we’ll continue the program, paying the County just $5,000 a year to scan our documents and provide technical support.”