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Office of the County Manager

Welcome to the Office of the Sullivan County Manager

The County Manager of Sullivan County is appointed by the nine members of the Sullivan County Legislature.  The County Manager is responsible for the overall administration of County government, as well as providing and coordinating staff services to the County Legislature, Chair of the Legislature and its committees.  Duties of the County Manager include preparation of the Sullivan County Operating and Capital Budgets, appointment of County Commissioners and department heads (subject to confirmation by the Legislature), execution and enforcement of County laws, and efficient implementation of County initiatives as set forth by the Legislature.

For more information on the responsibilities of the Sullivan County Manager, please see Article III of the Sulivan County Administrative Code.  A link to the code has been provided below.

Sullivan County Administrative Code

About the County Manager

Joshua Potosek has worked with Sullivan County for eleven years in various management titles.  He currently is the County Manager for Sullivan County and has been in that position since March of 2013.  Josh is an inaugural member of the Sullivan County Land Bank, having worked to create and dedicate resources to help ensure its successful creation.  Josh is also a member of the Emerald Corporate Center Board, Sullivan County Tobacco Asset Securitization Board, Sullivan County Partnership for Economic Development, and an Ex Officio member of the Sullivan County Chamber of Commerce and Sullivan County Visitors Association. Prior to joining Sullivan County, Josh worked in the private sector.  Josh graduated from SUNY Binghamton with a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and Management, and earned his MBA at Marist University. He is a longtime resident of Sullivan County and lives in Livingston Manor with his wife and two children.