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District Attorney

The District Attorney’s Office is responsible for investigating and prosecuting criminal cases from police agencies within Sullivan County, New York. Additionally, the Office is involved in investigations and arrests, particularly in the area of narcotics, in conjunction with State and Federal task forces that operate in the Mid-Hudson region. In addition, the District Attorney’s Office helped initiate the Family Violence Response Team, which is a multi disciplinary unit designed to investigate and arrest violent and sexual offenders of children.

The District Attorney’s Office appears in 37 local criminal courts that operate in each town and village throughout the County. We are part of the Sullivan County Drug Court team which provides alternatives to incarceration to certain drug and alcohol dependent individuals, who qualify for Drug Court. 

The mission of the Sullivan County District Attorney’s Office is to prosecute all criminal cases that occur within Sullivan County. The Office also handles all appellate cases in both State and Federal Courts. The Office is committed to ensuring that offenders are held accountable and responsible for their criminal conduct. We also are committed to assuring that the victims’ voices are heard throughout the course of the criminal process. It is our duty and obligation to protect the innocent, enhance public safety and make our streets and homes safe and secure for the citizens of our county.

Substance Use Task Force

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