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Sullivan County Museum

Sullivan County Museum265 Main Street Hurleyville, NY 12747


Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 10:00 am to 4:30 pm




Sullivan County Historical Society



Frederick A. Cook Society



Located at 265 Main Street in the hamlet of Hurleyville, the building is home to the Sullivan County Historical Society and the Frederick A. Cook Society. The museum is a three-story former school building that is owned and maintained by Sullivan County through the Department of Parks, Recreation and Beautification.

The Sullivan County Historical Society was founded in 1886 and has the primary mission of preserving and presenting the history of Sullivan County for future generations. This is accomplished by the acquisition of historical records, documents and artifacts illustrating the history of the county, with the use of temporary and permanent exhibits.

Activities of the Society include regular public meetings and discussion groups, careful preservation and maintenance of records and artifacts, scheduling of educational tours and the facilitation of archival and genealogical research.