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Be Sure to Get That Free Phone/Tablet From a Reputable Agency or Vendor

Screenshot of Affordable Connectivity Program Website

Liberty, NY – Sullivan County’s Department of Social Services (DSS) has received reports of free phone and tablet giveaways in the community that may not be sanctioned by a trusted partner organization or government entity.

“Folks have been approached by individuals in front of grocery stores and on sidewalks, offering them free electronics. These devices may or may not be safe to use, and we encourage people to let us know anytime they encounter such an offer,” said Social Services Commissioner John Liddle.

There are legitimately free phones and tablets available via the government and private sources to those who qualify. Providers such as Q Link Wireless ( or the Assurance Program ( offer legitimate, Federally sanctioned products and services at little to no cost, if eligible. A list of discounts on electronics and digital services can be found at the Federal Communications Commission’s Affordable Connectivity Program’s website:

“We urge members of our community to protect their personal information and to not provide their Social Security numbers or EBT cards to anyone unless they know the person receiving the information or the giveaway is part of a sanctioned event held by a trusted provider,” said Deputy Commissioner of Social Services Giselle Steketee.