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Drug Task Force Shifts Into Gear for 2023

The Sullivan County Drug Task Force

Members of the Sullivan County Drug Task Force include, from the left, Scott Kinne (Law Enforcement Pillar), Meagan Galligan (outgoing Co-Chair), Annette Kahrs (Data Pillar), Travis Hartman (Law Enforcement Pillar), Wendy Brown (Co-Chair), Michael Schiff (Law Enforcement Pillar), Brian Conaty (Co-Chair), Steven D’Agata (Law Enforcement Pillar) and County Legislator Nick Salomone, who chairs the Legislature’s Public Safety Committee.

Monticello, NY – Sullivan County’s Drug Task Force enters 2023 with new additions to its “pillar” structure. Each pillar represents a key strategy and focus of the Task Force.

Acting District Attorney Brian Conaty will co-chair the Drug Task Force with Wendy E. Brown, Deputy Commissioner of Health and Human Services, now that former DA Meagan Galligan has become a State judge.

The Law Enforcement Pillar will continue to be led by Sheriff Michael Schiff and co-chaired by Liberty Police Chief Steve D’Agata. 

“We are very pleased to welcome Chief D’Agata, who has been an ardent supporter of the success of the Hope Not Handcuffs Program here,” noted Brown. “We are also pleased to announce the formation of a new Veterans Pillar. We’ve partnered with three agencies to support our efforts to improve outreach to those who have served our nation. Membership on this Pillar will consist of representation from the SC Veterans Service Agency, Action Towards Independence’s (ATI’s) ‘Vet to Vet’ program and the Hudson Valley VA, as well as interested members of the community.”

The new Veterans Pillar will be led by Ryan Fuller and Carl LoFaro. The other pillar leads are:

  • Medical Provider Pillar: Nicholas Batson and Heather Guinan-Clark
  • Hope & Prevention Pillar: Jill Hubert-Simon and Dawn Wilkin
  • United Sullivan Pillar: John Liddle and Martin Colavito
  • Policy Reform Pillar: Aileen Gunther and Judy Balaban
  • Treatment Programs Pillar: Melissa Stickle
  • Care (Perinatal) Pillar: Karen Holden and Janna Walter
  • Data Pillar: Lorne Green and the future Sullivan County Commissioner of Public Safety, when hired