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Energize NY PACE Finance Program Launched In Sullivan County, NY

(Monticello, NY 4:30pm) - Sullivan County Manager Joshua Potosek is pleased to announce the launch of the Energize NY PACE Finance program in Sullivan County, New York. The program is designed to help commercial and not for profit building owners reduce their operating costs and increase the value of their buildings through clean energy improvements. Energize NY provides building owners with critical support, tools and low-cost, long-term financing for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects that cut energy consumption, save money, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Potosek said, “My staff and I have worked diligently to ensure businesses in Sullivan County would have access to this valuable program, which provides an opportunity for business owners and not for profits to make crucial investments in their properties and improve their bottom line. Energize NY PACE Financing is an important tool for the County and its business community as it provides access to affordable clean energy projects and represents a sound investment in building a sustainable future.”

Energize NY services are immediately available to help building owners in Sullivan County to make clean-energy improvements. Improvements include a range of energy efficiency measures, including lighting, insulation and air sealing, heating and cooling systems, smart controls, energy storage and combined heat and power, as well as renewable energy installations such as solar PV, wind, biomass and geothermal. Clean energy projects make financial sense for most buildings, including commercial, industrial, retail, mixed use, private schools and colleges, agricultural facilities, houses of worship, multi-family, and even in some cases single family homes. To be eligible for the program, facilities must be owned by a commercial or non-profit entity.

Luis Alvarez, Chairman of the Sullivan County Legislature, said, “I am excited for Sullivan County to join a growing number of New York counties in offering Energize NY PACE to its business owners and not-for-profits. Economic development is a top priority of the Sullivan County Legislature and this initiative fits well with our agenda. Improving our building stock with clean and efficient energy systems is not only good for business but also good for our environment.”

The Energize NY Finance program uses an innovative form of financing called Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing, which has been used in 32 states nationwide. Unlike other loan products, Energize NY financing is repaid through an annual charge on the property’s tax bill, which automatically transfers to a new owner if the property is sold. The financing is based on the property’s ability to save energy, not on traditional credit measures. All Energize NY financings generate savings to the building owner on day one, with the annual energy savings exceeding the annual cost of the financing.

“We are looking forward to working with Sullivan County as they introduce their commercial and not-for profit building owners to the power of low cost, long term Energize NY PACE financing for energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements,” said Mark Thielking, Executive Director of Energize NY. “PACE financing is the perfect complement to Sullivan County’s efforts to revitalize the historic tourism industry and will help the County and its residents realize the many economic, local development, environmental and public health benefits of reducing energy waste and increasing renewable energy.”

The Sullivan County Legislature enacted Local Law Number 3 of 2016 to establish a Sustainable Energy Loan Program in the County of Sullivan at their monthly board meeting on November 17, 2016. They then authorized an agreement with the Energy Improvement Corporation on December 15, 2016. Sullivan County joins 30 other municipalities in New York State that have signed on with Energize NY as a means to support their economic development and environmental goals.

The local law and the contract were both vetted by the Sullivan County Agriculture and Sustainability Policy Committee. Catherine Owens, Chairperson of the Sullivan County Agriculture and Sustainability Policy Committee, said, “The Energize NY Finance program provides a perfect opportunity for our business owners and not for profits to improve their operations and reduce overhead costs while simultaneously taking meaningful actions to protect our environment. Being a community that has historically benefitted greatly from having a beautiful and pristine natural environment, this program is a perfect fit for Sullivan County.”

Energize NY is funded in part through the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), and aligns with Governor Cuomo’s Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) strategy to build a clean, resilient and affordable energy system for all New Yorkers.

For more information about the Energize NY Finance program in Sullivan County, visit, or contact Energize NY directly at or (914) 302-7300. Local contacts for the program are Joshua Potosek.

For further information about this press release contact Joshua Potosek, County Manager, at 845-807-0450.