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Garnet, Public Health Collaborate to Get Vaccines to More People

Harris, NY – Sullivan County Public Health Services and Garnet Health Medical Center-Catskills continue to partner to mount clinics to get COVID-19 vaccine out to residents.

As of Friday, February 26, Public Health has administered 2,155 vaccines (which includes 1,617 first doses and 538 second doses of the Moderna vaccine) in just over a month. The majority of these individuals have been essential workers as defined in category 1B by the State, and those age 65 and over. 

Garnet Health Medical Center – Catskills has administered 3,600 doses, which includes 1,811 first doses and 1,789 second doses.

Both groups have partnered since December, even sharing staff and resources through a memorandum agreement. Weekly planning calls are also held to touch base with additional partners, including the Center for Discovery and Sun River Healthcare, and to redistribute vaccine as it becomes available.

“Garnet and Public Health have long been close allies in the constant quest for better health in Sullivan County, and the coronavirus pandemic has brought us even closer,” affirmed Public Health Director Nancy McGraw. “Using our notification list of residents who are eager to be vaccinated, our collaboration will result in several hundred more people receiving their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine this coming week.”

Public Health expects to receive additional doses early next week from the regional distribution hub in addition to the weekly allocation of 300-400 doses that it has been ordering. Knowing that Public Health has a list of over 10,000 people interested in being vaccinated, Garnet leaders are willing to commit to working in collaboration with the County, utilizing its notification list. Individuals can sign up at, or those without access to the Internet can call 845-807-0925, which will be answered by a live person during business hours Monday through Friday.

“We are gearing up to have a much larger clinic at SUNY Sullivan shortly, and we will use the notification list to make that announcement simply because there are so many people on it who have been waiting,” noted McGraw. 

Garnet Health Medical Center – Catskills will also be able to benefit from the County’s growing notification list to reach the public to notify them about upcoming clinics in Harris at their campus.

“Every dose we give to someone in Sullivan County is a welcome step forward in keeping everyone safe and in returning to normal life,” McGraw said. “I thank Garnet, our Emergency Community Assistance Center, the State and all our partners for ‘thinking outside the box’ and helping us reach high-risk people who might otherwise face significant challenges in registering for a clinic.”