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Independent Auditors Affirm County Remains Fiscally Stable

Auditor's Report

Monticello, NY – Sullivan County’s independent auditors informed legislators Thursday that County government’s financial picture continues to be stable, based on the results of their audit of the 2022 fiscal year.

“The amount at which revenues exceeded expenditures is about $19 million,” noted Matthew Montalbo of Drescher & Malecki, a Buffalo-based accounting firm. “…In 2022, you didn’t need any type of short-term financing to operate. You’re only one year out from that, but when you look at your trends going forward, that’s right where you want to be.”

“I think the audit shows how hard we work every day to remain accountable in how we spend taxpayers’ funds,” County Treasurer Nancy Buck observed. “I particularly want to thank Shannan Armbrust in my office for compiling the enormous amount of data the auditors sift through, and I thank the auditors themselves for their incredibly professional approach to this vitally important task.”

“We still have challenges to manage, most notably the growing costs of operating the Care Center, for which our State and Federal funding are inadequate to cover,” said Legislature Chairman Robert A. Doherty. “But at the moment, our sales, room and mortgage tax revenues are also growing significantly, helping to offset future potential property tax increases.”

“Our revenues did outpace expenses last year, as shown by the audit, but it’s imperative that we remain fiscally judicious and conservative in our budgeting,” stated County Manager Josh Potosek. “We want to ensure – and taxpayers expect – our finances are stable and managed responsibly amidst whatever challenging conditions we face.”