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Interactive Parks Map Debuts

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Monticello, NY – The Sullivan County Planning Division, Sullivan County Office of Parks, Recreation and Beautification, and Sullivan County ITS’ GIS Program are excited to introduce a new Parks Locator!

“This locator is a companion to, and is embedded in, our new ‘Explore our County Parks’ web experience. It is also a stand-alone app within our Featured Apps Gallery,” explained Parks Director Brian Scardefield. “Designed by our GIS Coordinator Jennifer Stone, supported by GIS Specialist Alison Heaney, the Parks Locator is meant to help residents and visitors easily locate parks and other outdoor recreation sites owned/maintained by the County, local municipalities, and New York State.”

“The public isn’t often given the opportunity to visualize the technological magic performed in ITS (Information Technology Services) on a daily basis,” acknowledged ITS Commissioner Lorne Green. “I cannot be prouder of our GIS team for their role in the creation of an application highlighting and making it easier to find our County’s park resources.”

“Be sure to check out the address links!” encouraged Stone. “Users can click on an address link in the results panel for a specific location to get directions to that park or other site of interest. Viewer-friendly icons tell our visitors what amenities are available for a selected site. Pictures are included where possible to provide a multimedia viewing experience for each park/site.”

The Parks Locator, as well as its companion “Explore our County Parks” experience, is currently available via The experience is also highlighted on the Sullivan County Parks and Rec page:

“This new app makes note of ADA-compliant, youth-oriented, and even dog-friendly parks (for those who want to share their adventures with canine companions)!” said Acting Planning Commissioner Heather Brown. “It highlights a range of community activities that I hope both residents and visitors will share and explore, as Sullivan County is home to an amazing array of beautiful spots to visit.”