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Legislators Eager to Continue 911 Discussion

Monticello, NY – Sullivan County today issued a Request For Proposals (RFP) from firms interested in conducting an independent study of the County’s Emergency 911 Center.

“Meetings earlier in January were contentious, but it was not any legislator’s intent to suggest ill will toward any County employees. We value all of the dedicated and professional people who staff our 911 Center, our Division of Public Safety and our Sheriff’s Office,” said Robert Doherty, chairman of the Sullivan County Legislature. “We agree that the job they do is serious and must be taken seriously. We have no intention of disenfranchising our fire and EMS workers nor affecting the great work they do. We will closely review and openly discuss the results of the forthcoming report, so that the end result is not only positive but builds confidence and communication across all agencies and individuals engaged in emergency response.”

The RFP seeks an experienced consulting firm to examine various aspects of the E-911 Center’s operations and to identify management strategies, efficiencies to be gained, and an organizational structure that will enhance public safety. The firm will review policies, procedures and existing relationships with local responders, along with soliciting input from various law enforcement, fire department, ambulance corps, healthcare and State agency personnel. A report with recommendations will be issued, with a companion presentation given in a public forum.

Interested firms have until 1 p.m. on February 14, 2020 to respond.

Legislators also value the public input that has been and will continue to be given on this important issue.

“All of us spent significant time talking to people out on the campaign trail, and that’s not about to stop now that we’re in office,” affirmed Chairman Doherty. “Whether it’s at church dinners, pancake breakfasts, grocery stores or legislative meetings, we are here to listen to what Sullivan County citizens have to say. That open communication is invaluable to us and ensures we’re representing our constituents’ interests every single day.”

The public is also welcome to contact legislators at 845-807-0435 (the Office of the Legislature), by mail at 100 North Street, Monticello, NY 12701, or via email (addresses can be found at