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New Child Support Debit Card Arriving at End of This Month

Child Support Debit Card Info

Monticello, NY – Sullivan County residents using a New York State-issued debit card to receive child support payments will soon need to transfer to a new debit card.

“People can use their existing debit card until the balance reaches zero, but on March 30, 2023, deposits to that card will stop, and the new ‘Way2Go Card’ will begin accepting deposits on March 31,” explains Sullivan County Child Support Enforcement Coordinator Laura McKay.

Transfers of funds between the cards will not be allowed.

Like the old card, the new debit card will be accepted at all Mastercard locations, including grocery and convenience stores (where cash back is typically offered without a fee). It can be used at Allpoint and MoneyPass ATMs with no bank fee, and a balance inquiry can be made at any ATM without charge.

“I encourage everyone to activate their new Way2Go Card as soon as they receive it in the mail, which should be between March 23 and 30,” adds McKay. “If you have questions or are concerned that we may not have your current mailing address on file, please call the New York Child Support Helpline at 888-208-4485 or leave a message on our new secure message line of 845-807-0346.”