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Statement on NYC Busing from Sullivan County Legislature

Monticello, NY – On behalf of the Sullivan County Legislature, Chairman Robert A. Doherty today released the following statement:

With less than 24-hour notice, Sullivan County has been informed that 80 New York City social services clients are being transported today from the City to the Knights Inn in Liberty.

The way the City, New York State and the Federal government are approaching this issue is reckless and unsustainable, as many County leaders have said across the State. In Sullivan’s case, we fear that this will displace a number of our otherwise-homeless residents, who we house in this and other lodging establishments.

Speaking on behalf of my colleagues on the Legislature, we in no way agree with this forced approach to a problem that leaders at the City, State and Federal level have had years for which to plan. By this action, they are unfairly and illegally making their problem our problem.

Sullivan County will do what it needs to do – including availing itself of all rights and remedies provided by law – to oppose this ill-timed and poorly planned process, while at the same time ensuring the safety of our residents and businesses, and those who come here.