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Sullivan Leads State in Job Growth

County Job Growth Rate

Monticello, NY – Data just released by the NYS Department of Labor shows that Sullivan County is ahead of the entire State – including New York City – in job growth.

The Department’s monthly report pegged Sullivan’s private-sector job growth rate at 9.1% year-over-year for September 2022, beating fellow State leader Allegany County’s 8.8% & New York City’s 6.8% and far outpacing neighboring mid-Hudson counties.

“Prudent financial management leads to fiscal stability, which in turn creates an environment where companies want to invest, and these numbers prove we’re a great business bet,” notes Legislature Chairman Robert A. Doherty. “How does this benefit the average citizen? In many, many ways: broadening the tax base, providing employment choices, free tuition at our local college, offering opportunities for job advancement, and encouraging new housing and further investment.”

Labor data indicates information services and the leisure & hospitality sectors are leading the local job growth, with year-over-year increases of 100% and 32.5% respectively. Other top-performing sectors include manufacturing (11.8%) and goods-producing (10%).

“The demand for new products or services in Sullivan County for September was at an all-time high, in fact,” explains Center for Workforce Development Director Loreen Gebelein. “I attribute the growth rate to the productivity of the workforce, particularly to major local employers such as Kohl’s, along with lumber companies, construction companies (including new home construction and sales of manufactured housing), equipment rental companies, furniture/household sales merchants and others.”

The Legislature and County staff, supported by industry partners, have made job growth a priority in the wake of pandemic-related losses.

“This is phenomenal news, especially when one considers the challenging Statewide economic environment we currently find ourselves in,” says Legislature Vice Chair Michael Brooks. “As a Legislature, we will continue to enact and support policies which enable businesses and individuals to succeed and prosper in Sullivan County.”