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Sullivan County EMS Coordinator

The EMS Coordinator's responsibilities include administering county programs for EMS training, and programs for mutual aid in cases of mass casualty or other incidents in which multiple EMS Agencies services are required. The EMS coordinator also acts as a liaison between the EMS providers and County Officials. The EMS Coordinator also maintains a list of equipment and personnel in the EMS Agencies of Sullivan County and oversees the response of Sullivan EMS Agencies to other regions of the State/County under the New York State EMS Mobilization and Mutual Aid plan.

Operating under the EMS Coordinator are Deputy EMS Coordinators, which act as liaisons between the EMS Services and Coordinator in their respective Districts. The Deputy Coordinators and/or Coordinator will respond to any emergency with reports of more than 5 patients, Incidents involving multiple mutual aid agencies, structure fires (up to discretion of Coordinator), All Airport emergencies (on and off Airport grounds), activation of County Special Ops Teams requiring EMS response  and all other non-standard incidents.

The EMS Coordinator is also the primary Coordinator for Ambulance Services that operate in the Towns of Fallsburg and Neversink.

Deputy Coordinators

Responsibilities of the Deputy EMS Coordinators include representing the County EMS Coordinator at emergencies, ordering the 911 Center to dispatch mutual aid at the request of the EMS Captain or officer-in-charge of emergency scenes, acting as liaison officer to the EMS Captain or officer-in-charge regarding types of mutual aid available and acts as liaison officer between EMS Captain and other Emergency Service Agencies. The EMS Coordinator also assigns Deputy Coordinators to special details and committees as part of their duties.

EMS 2: Joel Sherwood

EMS 3: Karrie Jara