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A Message from the Fire Coordinator


Firefighters battling a fire

A Message from the Fire Coordinator

Well summer is over and fall is upon us:

As we gear up for cooler weather we need to start focusing on chimney fires, lost hunters and other heating emergencies.

Fire Prevention Week is October 4-10 with a theme of “Serve Up Fire Safety in the Kitchen”. Check with your schools to see if you are allowed in the school to do your programs do to COVID.

Fire Reports;   We only have 3 months to go until the end of the year so please make every effort to keep up with the reports to get 100% reporting again this year.  If you are having trouble with the reports please contact BC-3 Jack Halchak he can assist you.

Training courses; we finished up our BEFO course and started the SCBA/IFO course. We are also starting another BEFO course as we have a large demand. We are still limited to what courses we can teach by the State. A Fire Officer course one of the series will be starting later this month or in November.

Reminder that the training center is available for individual or joint  fire department use, please if interested contact the training center at least 2 weeks prior to use.

Thank you, Be Safe
John Hauschild 53-1
Fire Coordinator