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  • Coronavirus Hotline: 1-888-364-3065.
  • Sullivan County Emergency Community Assistance Hotline (for COVID-19 issues ONLY): 845-807-0925.
  • Sullivan County Public Health Services COVID Info Line: 845-513-2268.
  • NYS Vaccine Line: 1-833-NYS-4-VAX (1-833-697-4829)
  • CLICK HERE for the latest updates and info on COVID-19 in Sullivan County
  • For a list of local COVID-19 testing sites, please click HERE
  • Click HERE for the latest vaccine information and to sign up to be notified of upcoming clinics.
  • to register for our next COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic!


Single Audits

Federal Single Audit 2019
Federal Single Audit 2018
Federal Single Audit 2017 (Amended Version)
Federal Single Audit 2016
Federal Single Audit 2015
Federal Single Audit 2014
Federal Single Audit 2013
Federal Single Audit 2012
Federal Single Audit 2011
Federal Single Audit 2010
Federal Single Audit 2009

NYSDOT Single Audit

NYSDOT Audit 2019
NYSDOT Audit 2018
NYSDOT Audit 2017
NYSDOT Audit 2016
NYSDOT Audit 2015
NYSDOT Audit 2014
NYSDOT Audit 2012
NYSDOT Audit 2011
NYSDOT Audit 2010
NYSDOT Audit 2009

Sullivan County Annual Financial Report

Annual Audit and CAFR 2019 (Click here for auditor's presentation)
Annual Audit and CAFR 2018
Annual Audit and CAFR 2017
Annual Audit and CAFR 2016
Annual Audit and CAFR 2015
Annual Audit and CAFR 2014
Annual Audit and CAFR 2013
Annual Audit and CAFR 2012
Annual Audit and CAFR 2011
Annual Audit and CAFR 2010
Annual Audit and CAFR 2009

Sullivan County Adult Care Center (Care Center at Sunset Lake) Financial Statements

2014 Audited Financial Statements
2015 Audited Financial Statements
2016 Audited Financial Statements
2017 Audited Financial Statements
2018 Audited Financial Statements
2019 Audited Financial Statements (Click here for auditor's presentation)

Comptroller Audits

Office of the State Comptroller Notice: Social Services Costs Reimbursement For the Period Jan 1, 2011- Dec 31, 2012

Sullivan County Jail Operations Report of Examination Jan 1, 2011 - Oct 5, 2012

Sullivan County Fiscal Stress Report of Examination Jan 1, 2011 - Aug 8, 2012