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Highways & Bridges

Sullivan County DPW RoadsignWithin Sullivan County there are County, State, Town and privately maintained roads. The Sullivan County Division of Public Works is responsible for maintaining all County roads. To determine whether a road is a County road, look for the blue and yellow Sullivan County road signs. Through a comprehensive capital improvement plan, prepared by in-house engineering staff and with support from the legislature, the road and bridge departments continually maintain and reconstruct County roads and bridges.

Please note that New York State Law now requires compliance with the Underground Facilities Protective Organization. UFPO requires a call to 1-800-962-7962 before you dig!

Plan on installing or relocating a new driveway?
Need an oversize or overweight permit?

Obtain the necessary Road Access Application and oversize/overweight permits by contacting Caleb Mall, Permitting and Environmental Compliance Coordinator, at (845) 807-0283.

Please call the following numbers for assistance with county or state roads:

  • Sullivan County Division of Public Works: (845) 807-0261
  • New York State DOT Resident Engineer: (845) 794-7450

2024 Road and Bridge Rehab/Replacement Projects

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DPW Program for 2024