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911 Addressing

The 911 Addressing center is located, and managed, within the Sullivan County Real Property Services Department. 911 Addressing works closely with Real Property Services, the 911 Emergency Control Center, and local communication vendors to develop, maintain, and improve the countywide addressing system to ensure rapid emergency response to the people of Sullivan County. Your safety is our primary concern. Day-to-day operations include 911 address assignment, verification, and discrepancy resolution.

Most visitors to the 911 Addressing webpage can answer their questions using the Address Verification App below. Additional services are as follows:

View your address in the Sullivan County Parcel Viewer using a new browser window

Contact us:
Sullivan County Gov't Center
Real Property Services
100 North St
Monticello, NY 12701
Phone: (845) 807-0221
Email: 911 Addressing Center