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Animal Abuser Registry - Overview

In August of 2016, the Sullivan County Legislature passed Local Law No.2 of 2016 which created the Animal Abuser Registry, otherwise known as “Dean’s Law”.

Click here to view registry.

Under Dean’s Law, any person convicted of animal cruelty on or after August 26, 2017, who resides in Sullivan County, is required to register as an animal abuser with the Sullivan County Sheriff's Office.

Under the law, no Animal Shelter or Pet Dealer located in Sullivan County shall sell exchange or otherwise transfer the ownership of any Companion Animal or Pet to any person having a residence in Sullivan County and listed as an Animal Abuse Offender on the Animal Abuser Registry. Prior to the sale, exchange or other transfer of ownership of any Companion Animal or Pet, the Animal Shelter or Pet Dealer is required to examine the Animal Abuser Registry to confirm that the name of the potential owner of the Companion Animal or Pet is not listed. In the event the Animal Abuser Registry cannot be accessed online, the Sheriff’s Office Patrol Division can be contacted at 845-794-7100 for assistance.

Farm Animals for farmers and Service Animals for people with disabilities are exempted from the requirements of this law.

Links to other animal abuse registries in New York State:

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