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Benchmarking Report on Sullivan County Government Buildings

Benchmarking is an important action in Sullivan County’s ongoing commitment as a certified Climate Smart Community and a designated Clean Energy Community. The Sullivan County Legislature adopted its Benchmarking Policy for Selected County-Owned Buildings in March 2017.

Energy benchmarking enables the County to identify buildings and systems to be studied for potential energy improvements.  Benchmarking involves tracking each facility’s annual energy use and comparing building performance with other comparable buildings. The County uses the EPA’s Portfolio Manager Tool to compile, analyze and report on building performance.

The County benchmarks all County-owned or leased buildings that are larger than 1,000 square feet and use energy to heat or cool the space. The Sullivan County Benchmarking reports provide a wide angle view of electricity generation and consumption, fuel oil and propane consumption, site and source energy use and energy use intensity, direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions and emissions intensity, and comparisons to the national median. Of the nineteen benchmarking entries, four consist of multiple buildings treated as campuses because they feature multiple buildings on a single meter or shared amenities such as parking lot and street lighting. These campuses are: the Health and Community Services campus in Liberty; the Maplewood Facility (DPW); the Sullivan County International Airport; the Barryville Maintenance facility; and the Sullivan County Landfill.  The County chose 2016 as its baseline data year and generated the baseline emissions performance for County facilities.

Benchmarking data reports by year can be found in the links below.

2022 Benchmarking Data Report

2021 Benchmarking Data Report

2020 Benchmarking Data Report

2020 Benchmarking Data Supplemental Report

2019 Benchmarking Data Report

2018 Benchmarking Data Report

2017 Benchmarking Data Report

2016 Benchmarking Data Report

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