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2023 Youth Bureau Grant Funded Application


When you assemble your finished application, it will include (see below for clickable links):

  • OCFS-5001, Individual Program Application—Program Information
  • OCFS-5002, Agency-Program Profile
  • OCFS-5003, Individual Program Application—Program Summary/Program Components
  • Program Narrative

The program narrative includes the following points.

  1. Target population
  2. Participant outcomes
  3. Program design and schedule of operations
  4. Monitoring
  5. Evaluation
  6. Program staff, both paid and volunteer
  7. Agency mission and past accomplishments

Appendix A is a sample of how to frame “outcome measures”. It is found on page 4 of the Program Narrative Template.

Please submit your completed application electronically to by Wednesday, May 17, 2023.


  1. Click HERE for Program Narrative for Youth Bureau Funding
  2. Click HERE for Individual Program Application  (OCFS-5001)
  3. Click HERE for Agency Program Profile   (OCFS-5002)
  4. Click HERE for Individual Program Application - Program Summary-Program Components (OCFS-5003)