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2023-2024 State Youth Sports Education Funding (YSEF) Youth Bureau Grant Funded Application


Applications are closed. Please check back Fall 2024!


What is YSEF?

YSEF stands for Youth Sports and Education Funding. YSEF funding can be used for Youth Sports programs that are not competitive.

What are the timeframes for applying for YSEF?

The YSEF timeframes are as follows:

Press release                                                                                             9/25

9/22 new applications/new funding source meeting                        10/10

Applications due                                                                                       10/24

Applications to board committee                                                          10/31

Full YB board meeting for approval                                                      11/7                                                

Full and executive Legislature                                                               11/16

Notification of allocations                                                                      12/1

Please use OCFS 5001 to apply for this funding. Thank you.


When you assemble your finished application, it will include (see below for clickable links):

  • OCFS-5001, Individual Program Application—Program Information
  • OCFS-5002, Agency-Program Profile
  • OCFS-5003, Individual Program Application—Program Summary/Program Components

The program summary should include the following points.

  1. Target population
  2. Participant outcomes
  3. Program design and schedule of operations
  4. Monitoring
  5. Evaluation
  6. Program staff, both paid and volunteer
  7. Agency mission and past accomplishments

Please submit your completed application electronically to by October 24, 2023.


  1. Click HERE for Individual Program Application  (OCFS-5001)
  2. Click HERE for Agency Program Profile   (OCFS-5002)
  3. Click HERE for Individual Program Application - Program Summary-Program Components (OCFS-5003)