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COVID-19 Vaccination Clinics Continuing as Scheduled

Sullivan County Public Health Services

Liberty, NY – Sullivan County Public Health Services will continue its COVID-19 vaccination clinics Tuesday, January 26 and Wednesday, January 27.

“Several inches of snow is forecast to fall on Tuesday, but we are obligated by the State to dispense our entire supply of vaccine by Wednesday, so we do not have time to reschedule any appointments,” Public Health Director Nancy McGraw explained.

Those who are planning to cancel their appointments are asked to do so sooner rather than later, so that all available doses can be given out before the Wednesday deadline. Appointments can be cancelled online (via the method used to register) or at 845-807-0925. Please be aware that those who cancel their appointments cannot be put on a priority list for the next round of vaccine distribution, due to State regulations, so they will need to register in the same fashion they did for this round.

“We’re sorry we can’t accommodate more flexibly,” acknowledged McGraw. “However, every valid appointment made for tomorrow will be honored tomorrow, and our Public Works crews will be constantly plowing and salting our entranceway and parking lot. So those who venture out can be assured of getting their vaccine dose.”

Public Health has just received another 200 doses of the Moderna vaccine, earmarked solely for essential workers. County officials will be reaching out directly to employers, per the State’s recommendation, to schedule those workers for vaccine shots on Friday, January 29.

Anyone who is interested in being notified about upcoming County-run COVID-19 vaccination clinics can sign up at