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  • Coronavirus Hotline: 1-888-364-3065.
  • Sullivan County Emergency Community Assistance Hotline (for COVID-19 issues ONLY): 845-807-0925.
  • Sullivan County Public Health Services COVID Info Line: 845-513-2268.
  • CLICK HERE for the latest updates and info on COVID-19 in Sullivan County
  • Click HERE for the latest vaccine information and to sign up to be notified of upcoming clinics.
  • to register for our next COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic!

COVID-19 Vaccine Facts

Cut through the misinformation and get to the facts on this page, dedicated to giving you reliable and true information about the COVID-19 vaccines.

Register for Our Latest Clinic!

Click here to see the list of upcoming Sullivan County-run COVID-19 vaccination clinics.

Looking for a COVID-19 Vaccination?

The federal Centers for Disease Control & Prevention also offers this map-based way of locating vaccination clinics: https://vaccinefinder.orgSullivan County does not operate or maintain this list and makes no guarantees or representations about its accuracy or any availability of vaccine doses.

Sign Up to Be Notified of Upcoming County Vaccine Clinics

Would you like to know when the next Sullivan County-run COVID-19 vaccine clinic is open for registration? Sign up via the form below.


  • This is NOT a registration form to access a vaccination clinic. Those who sign up will only be contacted with information about an upcoming vaccination clinic, for which they will have to separately register in order to get on a list to receive vaccine.
  • No information will be sent via this system unless there is an upcoming County-run COVID-19 vaccination clinic that is currently accepting registrants. This means no one will get a notification until a County-run clinic has an active registration link.
  • Notification of an upcoming clinic will be made as soon as possible after the registration link becomes available.
  • Filling out this form and/or receiving a notification does not guarantee someone will receive vaccine.
  • Vaccines are currently approved for use in people 18 years of age or older, except the Pfizer vaccine, which is available to people 12 and over.
  • Those who provide an email address will receive a notification email to that address, while those who provide a phone number will receive an automated voice message to that phone number (and a text, if possible).
  • This notification system does not include info about COVID-19 vaccination events conducted by agencies, businesses, entities or municipalities other than Sullivan County Public Health Services.
  • The information provided will be used only by authorized Sullivan County government offices, agencies and partners to contact people about upcoming vaccination opportunities. It will not be shared with unauthorized parties or the general public.
  • If you are unable to complete this form online, please call our Emergency Community Assistance Center at 845-807-0925, and they will sign you up over the phone.
  • To be removed from the list once you have signed up, please contact our Emergency Community Assistance Center at 845-807-0925.
  • Sullivan County assumes no responsibility for missed, delayed, misdirected, unsent or otherwise non-received notifications via this list.
  • Please DO NOT sign up more than once. Filling out the form just one time is sufficient - repeatedly adding your information will not give you any priority, and staff will have to spend extra time deleting the duplicate information.
  • There likely are other vaccination clinics happening in the area that are not County-run. You are encouraged to sign up for the notification lists provided by non-County agencies (like local hospitals and pharmacies), as this system will not provide notifications about non-County-run clinics.

Please be aware that we don't have anything to do with the State's new Excelsior Pass app, which you can use to prove you received a complete COVID-19 vaccine in order to access certain events and attractions. If you have a question or concern about the Pass and the app used to get it, please visit

If you have questions about the vaccines that are not answered here, please call NYS' Coronavirus Hotline at 1-888-364-3065.

Public Health regularly updates vaccine information via a recording accessible by calling 845-513-2268.

For more information on the safety of the COVID-19 vaccines, visit the New York State Department of Health Frequently Asked Questions Page:

 Want to Know the Number of Vaccines Administered by Region in NYS?

Click HERE for information

8 Common Myths About The COVID-19 Vaccine Debunked

vaccine image 3

Want more information on how the vaccines provide immunity? Click here to visit CDC's "Understanding How COVID-19 Vaccines Work". 

Have more questions on the COVID-19 Vaccine? Click here to visit the CDC's Frequently Asked Questions page. 

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