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Success Stories



"I wouldn't have known where to look for employment if it wasn't for the Center for Workforce Development. I truly have to thank them for everything."

- Charisse Gillard




Javier's Story


My Success Story by Chantel Baker

Hi, my name is Chantel Baker, and this is my success story. Now, I am not here to tell you only about my life failures but also here to tell you about my life accomplishments. In 2014, my oldest daughter, and myself, were homeless. We were placed in a shelter for homeless women with children and then I was introduced to the Center for Workforce; I was young and did not know much about what the Center for Workforce had to offer. I remember walking in the building and saying to myself, “I’m lost, and I don’t know where to begin”? The front desk receptionist pointed me in the right direction. That is when I met with the DOL Clerk, I must tell you this woman is extraordinary at what she does. She assisted me with creating my first resume,  Every day I would repeat the same daily routine, get up and walk to the Center for Workforce to learn something new. I had plans to become a nurse, and that is when she introduced me to an Employment Specialist at the Center for Workforce, one of the many extraordinary personnel that works for the center. She directed me to programs that could pay for me to go to school, and that is exactly what I did. By October 2014 I was well on my way to starting classes for my CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) at BOCES in Monticello through the WIA Program. The WIA Program is a funded program that helps people that want to continue their education. In June of 2015, I graduated with my certification in nursing. The Center for Workforce Development not only assisted me on my career path but also saved my life. I developed new skills, earned a new certification to add to my resume, and made great friends along the way. Over the years I would stop by and say hello to everyone that made an impact in my life. I have guided my friends and family to The Center for Workforce Development to receive the help that is needed. It is now 2021, and I am expected to graduate from Sullivan County Community College in May 2021. I am also continuing my career in Sports Management at Mount Saint Mary College, to earn my master’s degree. If I had any advice to give someone as they walk through the doors of the Center for Workforce for the first time, “just go for it”. Your life starts with taking that first step to a successful career, as it did mine.