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Workforce Development Board & Minutes


The Sullivan County Workforce Development Board is a group of local business leaders who direct federal, state, and local funding for our local workforce development programs. They also oversee the Sullivan County Career Center, part of the American Job Centers, where job seekers can get employment information, find out about career development training opportunities and connect to various programs in our area. We rely on labor market information to develop sector strategies that focus resources on a particular high growth industry for our area, often involving skill training for local businesses.

Additionally, the Workforce Development Board, through the Center for Workforce Development can help businesses save training costs by connecting businesses that have similar training needs.

More than 50 percent of our board members must come from the business community and have representation from local community colleges and other training providers, as well as elected officials and workforce program leaders. This ensures that current skill needs of local businesses are communicated to relevant training programs.



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