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Upcoming Training & Events

According to New York State Law, members of municipal Planning Boards and Zoning Boards of Appeals must complete a minimum of four (4) hours of training on topics relevant to their respective roles as decision makers for their communities.  The Town/Village Board is responsible for setting the parameters of what is considered acceptable training to receive credit. In order to facilitate this we have scheduled the following opportunities to take advantage of meeting these requirements and understanding land use issues that the County is facing.

If you have a topic that you feel should be addressed in an upcoming event, please email us at

4/29/20 - 3PM | Public Meetings and Hearings | 1.5 credit hours - This session addresses the goals and requirements associated with holding meetings, in contrast to the purposes and legal requirements surrounding a public hearing. It explores the role of the chairperson in conducting effective meetings and hearings, and includes a discussion of how to manage the public and the media in the context of a hearing or meeting. Also addressed are aspects of the Open Meetings Law, including executive sessions, quorums, minutes, and public notices.

5/13/20 - 3PM | Land Use Moratoria | 1.5 hours credit hours - A moratorium is a local enactment that suspends a landowner's right to obtain development approvals while the local government considers changes to its regulations. Before enacting a moratorium, local officials should be aware of the circumstances in which a moratorium is the most appropriate action for a local government to take. This course looks at, among other things, the court cases that shaped the "rules" for adopting moratoria and the procedures local officials should follow in adopting moratorium laws.

5/27/20 - 3PM | Comprehensive Planning | 2 credit hours - This session will include a discussion of the practical and legal benefits of adopting a comprehensive plan. Included are the importance of involving the public in the development of the plan—early on; strategies for compiling essential data to set the direction of the plan; plan contents; and steps leading to the adoption of a comprehensive plan. There will be a review of the comprehensive plan statutes as well.

6/10/20 - 3PM | Blight: Strategies and Tools for Local Governments | 2 credit hours - Vacancy and blight can wreak havoc on our neighborhoods and local government finances. This course examines the economic, environmental, social, and public health implications of vacancy, with the goal of offering local officials the tools, strategies and funding opportunities to reduce vacancy in their own communities. The course includes case studies and strategies that local governments in New York State have been using to combat blight, including the use of land banks.