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HIV Screening and Testing Program

Promotes prevention, early detection and treatment of HIV infection through screening and education and testing of individuals and referral for medical needs.


Q1. Where can I go for an HIV test?

Answer: Sullivan County Public Health (SCPH) offers HIV screening and testing services by appointment at its clinic located in the Gladys Olmsted Building, 50 Community Lane, Liberty, NY. Call 845-292-5910 for directions.

Q2. How do I arrange to be tested?

Answer: Just call 845-292-5910, and ask to speak to the HIV testing department. When you are connected to someone from that department, ask to set up an HIV appointment. You do not have to give your name.

Q3. How much does the test cost?

Answer: The test is free.

Q4. How long will the appointment take?

Answer: The whole process from when you arrive to when you leave will take about 30-45 minutes.

Q5. When will I get the results?

Answer: In most cases you will receive your results in 20 minutes.

Q6. What happens at the appointment?


When you come to have the test, you will have a seat in a waiting area. You will not be required to give your name. The next available nurse will come out and invite you into a private room. Once in that room, she or he will spend a few minutes talking to you in order to answer your questions about HIV, should you have any, and to find out a little about your risk so that she or he can advise you about whether or not you will need to be tested again and when, and how to protect yourself against HIV. The nurse will also advise you about how to take care of yourself if your test turns out to be positive for the HIV antibody. You will sign a consent, and then the test will be provided. We currently provide 20 minute rapid testing.

Your results will be reviewed with you and any questions answered.

If your test results are positive, you will receive plenty of support and information. You are also welcome to call on the phone or come in again to talk further with a nurse.

Q7. I need my results for insurance purposes. Can I give my name if I want?

Answer: Yes, SCPH offers both anonymous (no name) or confidential testing.  Confidential testing means a name is used, but the information is protected by law.

Q8. How do I get more information?


We would be happy to speak with you on the telephone to answer any questions. Call 845-292-5910, press 0, and ask to speak to a nurse in the Epidemiology Department.

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