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Health Education and Wellness

The "Tick Chick's" Tick List

Welcome to The Tick List, featuring some of "The Tick Chick's" favorite tick related resources. 

The TickEncounter Resource Center at the University of Rhode Island: The TickEncounter Resource Center promotes tick-bite protection and tickborne disease prevention by engaging, educating, and empowering people to take action. TickEncounter Resource Center

Check out the Tick Pick below for a weekly tip, trick, or fun fact about ticks!


A few favorites from the TERC:

The Top Ten Things Everyone Should Know About Ticks     

Tick Encounter Frequently Asked Questions 

Permethrin Fact Sheet                                       

Hidden in the Leaves, directed by award-winning filmmaker Mary Healey Jamiel, is the story of University of Rhode Island entomologist Thomas Mather and his team's efforts to help people see the risks for serious tick-transmitted disease lurking in an increasing number of rural, suburban and even semi-urban landscapes in the eastern United States.

This 24 minute long 3-part documentary exposes the hidden dangers that ticks represent and spotlights strategies to avoid ticks and their diseases.

TickEncounter Resource CenterTickEncounter Resource CenterTickEncounter Resource Center

New York State Department of Health

Ticks and Lyme Home Page

Ticks and Lyme Disease

Tick Removal Card

Dress to Repel

Ticks and Insect Repellents: Deciding on Their Use

Center for Disease Control Resources

Tick Home Page

Lyme Disease Home Page

Tick ID

Lyme Disease: What You Need To Know

Other Resources

"Tick Talk: Its Lyme Time" Presentation

How to Be Tick Free

Tickborne Illnesses of The United States: A Guide for Healthcare Workers

Tick Pick

Do you know what type of ticks these are? Click on each picture to find out more about these pesky ticks!


Deer Tick Dermacentor_variabilis_all.jpg










Public Health Education


The Sullivan County Rural Health Network and Sullivan County Public Health Services works with schools, businesses and community groups to promote policy and environmental changes that will improve physical activity and nutrition throughout Sullivan County.

We have Public Health Educators, Community Health Nurses, and Public Health Nurses on staff who can provide presentations, conduct community outreach at events, or come speak to your community group about a wide variety of health related topics. Give us a call at (845) 292-5910 and let us know what your needs are for information and health education.

Desk-To-5K Walking Guide

"Eat Healthy. Move More." is a countywide wellness Campaign originally designed in 2008 to promote the involvement of Sullivan County residents in nutrition and physical activity programs and events in their communities, schools, and at worksites. The bicycle artwork has since been adapted by the Sullivan County Visitors Association for an "Eat Healthy. Eat Local." restaurant campaign, and is a locally recognized logo to promote health and wellness. For more information on the Eat Healthy. Eat Local" campaign go to"

Call for more information to find out how you can get involved!  845-292-5910 x 2179