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The mission of Sullivan County Public Health is to protect and promote the health of Sullivan County residents through community assessment, health policy development, disease prevention, and the assurance of health care delivery systems.


Q1. What services are available through the home care agency? 

Answer: The home care agency is able to provide the services of registered nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapist, speech therapist and home health aide care. All services are provided in the home.

Q2. Who pays for the services? 

Answer: The agency, by law, is required to charge for the home visits made. Medicare, medicaid and insurance companies pay for home health care. The extent of the payment varies from insurer to insurer. No one is denied services for lack of insurance coverage or inability to pay. Everyone does complete a simple financial statement on the initial visit. This is used to determine costs to the patient, if they have no health care insurance or their insurance only pays a portion of the charges.

Q3. Are there any restrictions for providing care at home? 


Yes, there are restrictions.

  1. Persons receiving home health care must be under the care of a physician.

  2. Medicare requires that the person be confined to their home. This means that the person is not able to leave their home without actual physical assistance and that it is taxing for the person to leave the home.

  3. Medicare also requires that the care received in the home be intermittent and skilled. Intermittent means that the visits are not prolonged in time or duration of service is not prolonged. Skilled means that the needs of the patient require the knowledge and skills of a professional nurse or therapist. The nurse and/or therapist will teach the patient or family how to provide the care necessary.

  4. Some insurance companies pay for home care only if "in lieu of hospitalization." this means that if you were not receiving the care at home you would need to be in the hospital to receive the care.

Q4. What type of persons receive home care? 


The agency provides services to any county resident regardless of age, race, sex etc.. Our nursing staff is certified in CPR. The nurses do draw blood, give injections, perform all types of IV therapy, care for trachecstomies and respirator dependent patients, do dressings, change catheters and many other skills. The nurses teach patients and families how to provide care competently and safely in the home.

The therapists do evaluations in the home. They set up home exercise programs, assist with obtaining equipment, and set up for out patient services when necessary and appropriate.

The home health aides are under the supervision of the registered nurse. The home health aide focus is on personal care. This means actual hands on assistance with bathing, dressing, grooming, and exercise. If time permits, the aide can assist with housekeeping. If you do not require skilled services you cannot have a home health aide. The agency will help you to locate community resources to assist with housekeeping if this is the need.

Q5. How do I get further information or request services? 


Just call us! We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our number is (845) 292-5910. After hours, holidays and weekends there is a supervisor on call. The supervisor can be reached at (845) 292-5910.